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Fresh mountain air

Petropolis  is a County  located at Metropolitan Region of Rio de Janeiro no state do Rio de Janeiro, also known as the Imperial City. Occupies one area  of 795.798 km², its population in the year of 2018  had 305 687 inhabitants according to the estimate of IBGE. In addition to being the largest and most populous city in the Fluminense Mountain Region e da Intermediate Geographic Region of Petrópolis, also holds the largest GDP e HDI  from the region. The municipal gentilic of Petrópolis is petropolitan.

Petrópolis is the safest city in the state do Rio de Janeiro;

climate ameno, historic buildings and a vegetation abundant are great attractions Touristic. In addition, the city has a busy business e services, in addition to production farming  (highlighting a fruit growing) e industry. Founded on the initiative of the Emperor Dom Pedro II  (its name comes from the junction of the Latin word Petrus (Peter) with the Greek Pólis (city), becoming "City of Peter"). It is often called "Imperial city", for having been Dom Pedro's favorite route for his moments of leisure and rest.

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