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The vision of the future

Museum of Tomorrow it's a science museum with a difference. An environment of ideas, explorations and questions about the time of great changes in which we live and the different paths that open up for the future. Tomorrow is not a date on the calendar, it is not a place where we are going to end up. It is a construction in which we all participate, as people, citizens, members of the human species. 

And why a Museum of Tomorrow? Because we live in a new era, in which the whole of human activity has become a planetary force. We are able to intervene on the scale of molecules and continents. We manage atoms and create artificial microorganisms. We divert the course of large rivers, alter forests, influence the atmosphere, transform the climate. We inhabit a planet that has been profoundly modified by our actions. What tomorrows will be generated from our own choices?

The Museum of Tomorrow offers a narrative about how we can live and shape the next 50 years. A journey towards possible futures, based on the great questions that Humanity has always asked itself. Where we came from? Who we are? Where are we? Where are we going? How do we want to go?

Guided by the ethical values of Sustainability and Coexistence, essential for our civilization, the Museum also seeks to promote innovation, disseminate the advances of science and publish the vital signs of the planet. A museum to expand our knowledge and transform our way of livingthink and act.

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