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Considered the Brazilian Caribbean,

Arraial do Cabo It is called that way due to its beautiful beaches with transparent waters in shades of blue, its white sand and its calm sea.

angra dos reis,It is located southwest of Rio. It is made up of 365 islands and a small harbor surrounded by a steep, forested coastline. The region is known for its numerous beaches and the biodiversity of theBig Island, the largest island. Vila do Abraão is the main village on the island and has restaurants, bars and the Church of São Sebastião, in the center. A trail leads to the ruins of the extinct prison.

Wonderful beaches

Búzios, is an estancia located on an oceanic peninsula east of Rio. It is known as a sophisticated holiday destination with countless beaches. It is common to practice water sports, including surfing. Stroll through the streets of the village, including Rua das Pedras, paved with rustic stones. a diverse fashion showcase, and still has an excellent and busy nightlife. 

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