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Salt Stone

Pedra do Sal  is a historical and religious monument located in the neighborhood of Health, near the prainha square, na city do Rio de Janeiro. This is where the remaining community ofQuilombos da Pedra do Sal. It was tumbled  on November 20, 1984 by State Institute of Cultural Heritage.

Location of special importance to a afro- cultureFrom Rio  and for lovers of samba e do cry. It can be considered as the symbolic core of the region called de Little Africa, which was full of zungus, collective houses occupied by black people slaves e linings.

In Pedra do Sal, which is 100 meters from Largo da Prainha, large  gatheredsamba dancers  from the past, like DongaJoão da BahiaPixinguinha e Heitor dos Prazeres

Starting from your base, no Largo do Joao da Bahia  and climbing up steps dug into the stone, you can go up to o Morro da Conceicao.

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