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“Travels renew spirits, enrich our culture and give us the strength to keep going, they may be few, but they have to be quality”

(Dilce Stédile).

We are a family owned and operated business.

The importance of Tourism is linked to the set of goods, where one of the points is to meet and create expectations of individuals, and it is where we at Lótus Receptivo will act with loyalty, affection, attention and specialization.

About Us

The company was created out of a latent desire in a very difficult and challenging year.

Lótus is a local receptive tourism agency, with proven professional competence in the market. It is a new option because it is a company that started its activities striving for loyalty to its partners and customers, also because it is based on the dynamics of personalized service combined with the care with the services provided, offering each customer a differentiated treatment according to Your necessity.
Our main objective is to offer quality services, punctuality, agility and security.



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